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इंसान को अपने आप पर घमंड किस बात का, होता है । एक बार की बात बताती हू। एक इंसान को अपने उपर बहुत घमंड होता है ।वह अपने घर की बालकनी पर खड़ा था । तो दूर से एक तिनका आकर उसकी आंख मे गिर गया वह बहुत दुखी हो गया उसकी आंख मे दर्द होने लगता है, वह टड़पने लगा । उसके सारे पड़ोसी उसकी मदद करने आए और उन्होंने तिनके को निकालने के लिए कई यत्न किए और आखिरकार तिनका निकाल दिया । तो उसे समझ आता है कि उसे घमंड किस बात का था । एक छोटा सा तिनका उसे इतना परेशान कर सकता है,तो उसे घमंड किस बात का।         

हमे हर छोटी से छोटी चिज का महत्व समझना चाहिए और कभी घमंड नहीं करना चाहिए ।।।।।।।।।।☺☺☺☺☺

Abhishek sunil rao thakre : The Incredible Man

We have many opportunities but still we don’t grab them. We are physically fit and have brain but don’t use it. But i know man who is not physically fit but still he work hard and grab the opportunities around him. I am talking about abhishek sunil rao thakre, who is an indian archer. He was an handicap but he didn’t give up. He tried and tried and make him perfect in archery.            He is 27 years and he born in maharashtra.  At the age of one he lost his one hand because of polio. When he went to school ,his Classmate use to make fun of him. He feels bad but he never gave up. In eight class he got interested in sport. He joined Rajendra khandar’s athlete academy. He won many medals in 1500m,3000m, 5000m race. In 2010,he got injury in his foot and doctor refused him to run after operation.  He was disappointed and it was like breakdown of his dream. He wanted to do something for his country, so he asked his friends.  His friends suggested him that he could shoot arrow from his teeth. He was from a poor family, so for his purchase of bow ,his mother had to pledge her jewellery. He got his coaching from coach chandra kant and he practiced for 6 hours daily. He won many medals at national level in archery.  But now he wants to get a medal for India.  He said “every player gives his 100 percent but still they didn’t get sucess. So,we should peep inside us and see that our opponent was working harder than us. Think about it and you should get involved in your work”. 

I want to say to everyone that you can do whatever you want  just keep faith,believe and keep practicing.                                                 I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE THIS………………                                           THANK YOU ………………

Nakamyabi. …..

‘Nakamyabi’ sabd sunte hi dar lagta h. Isse bade se bada, ameer se ameer insan bhi darta h. Kuch hi ese log h jinka isse samna nahi hua hoga. Nakamyabi hi ek esi chiz h jo insaan ko ya to bahot upar utha deti h, yaa fir use bahot niche gira deti h. Ya to insan haar man leta h yaa fir bar bar koshish karta h aur itna mazbut ho jata h ki koi usse kamyaab hone se nahi rok sakta. Agar aaj m nakamyaab hoti hu to m fir se prayas karungi aur tab tak karungi jab tak m ek kamyaab insaan na ban jau. Kabhi kabhi nakamyabi itni khatarnakh sabit hoti h ki insaan ko atmhatya karne ko mazboor kar deti h. Kya nakamyabi unko sacchi mazboot karti h? Nahi, vo to insan h jo uske aage ghutne tek dete h. Mujhe to taras aata h ese logo ke mata pita par, jo ye sapna dekhte h ki unke bachhe apni jeevan m kuch bada kam karega. Par in pagalo ko ye nahi pata ki atmhatya se kuch nahi hota aap prayas karo ek na ek din zaroor kamyaab hoge. Umeed rako ek na ek din zaroor kamyaab hoge ,,,jaise mujhe umeed h ki apko meri baat samajh aayegi aur aap ise pasand karoge.